A Trusted name in Vastushastra

Pictures on the Walls

The pictures used for decorating the walls of a home have an enormous importance in VASTUSHASTRA, as these pictures help create a pleasant environment for the home. The effects of this are seen as pleasing mentalities that bring out the best efficiency and development.

The pictures that show animosity, violence, pessimism, natural disasters, extreme show, very dark colors or black should never be used in the home.

The NorthEast should be decorated with pictures of flowing water, but should not show elements creating heaviness such as hills or rocks etc. The flowing water should have a direction that enters the home.

The North should be decorated with a KUBER photo, whereas an image of SUN is quite beneficial when placed in the East.

The SouthEast walls can have pictures of beautiful and sober ladies.

The SouthEast walls decorated with red, yellow or saffron colored flowers help create a lively atmosphere.

The SouthWest walls are better decorated with images of hills, large buildings or trees. However, the pictures here should NOT contain those with water.

Pictures of precious stones like diamonds, currency or gold bars bring luck in terms of finances and financial stability.

The goals and ideals could be written in SouthWest walls.

With master bedroom in the SouthWest, the love images of Radha-Krishna placed on the NorthWest wall bring harmony in the marital relations.

The NorthWest wall should be decorated with free flying birds, airplanes or images that depict air and gases. The area should definitely be used for images of Lord Krishna as a child stealing butter.

In the Hall and behind the seating place of the chief of the house, the wall should be decorated with images of Shivrajyabhishek, Arjun-Krishna dialogue from Geeta or just blessings.


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