A Trusted name in Vastushastra

Entrance at Center

A single flat on a floor and the entrance in the center is the style of this flat. The entrance

in the Southwest and disturbing the Brahmasthana (center) are serious vastu defects resulting in very hard life. The staircase in Southwest provides weight and is positive, but the toilet and bathroom on the Southwest axis and the two pits for lift in West, Northwest are negative.

The living room is positive as it is in the East, Northeast, North and Northwest. Out of the children bedroom one is positive and the other is semi-positive. Master bedroom in Northeast is totally negative making the owner slow. The house has bedrooms on all four corners. Hence some changes were suggested.

1.            SW bedroom was made Master bed room

2.            With construction in progress two bed rooms were created

3.            Pooja place was suggested to shift to NE of living room.

There are vastu defects in all directions and Brahmasthana with Cuts and ducts in the NE and NW. There is a big cut in the East. Toilet and bathrooms in the SE and SW and lift pits in the West are all negative. Such residences have to be provided with extra treatment apart from regular remedial measures, such as Navagraha and Navaratna. These bring the desired positive results. Along with standard and special remedial measures we were able to bring this residence to 95 % positive.

The occupants started getting the results within a short time…


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