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Channelizing Effect…

If the living room is in the southwest and there are more members in a family it is not practical to use this space as bedroom. In such an event, we should channelize the effect of Southwest direction to the master bedroom. Today,
let us discuss such a residence.
The entrance and the living room of this house are towards South of Southwest which is negative. Presence of toilet/bathroom in South/Southeast axis is negative. There is also a big cut in Southwest. These factors have led to five major vastu defects in this direction. This means large scale financial losses and strained relations with the spouse. The location of the kitchen (fire element) in the northwest (air element) can create an explosive situation, jealousy and disharmony.
Master Bedroom in East and God’s altar in West of Northwest is also negative. After vastu inspection, the Altar was shifted to a corner in North. It was ensured that while sleeping in the Master Bedroom the head of the person will be positioned towards south. The combined effect of Vastu defects in the Northeast and Southeast are likely to result in severe and prolonged health problems to the occupants and female members in particular. With a view to provide the cascading effect of Southwest to the bedroom located in East, special pyramid plates with yantra were placed on the walls in South and Southwest using a unique procedure. Through the use of standard and special remedial measures the house could be made 95% positive.


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