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Don’t combine Vastushastra with Astrology

  • My clients often ask whether I need their horoscope at the time of Vastu analysis.
  • There is no need to combine vastushastra with astrology, both are totally different.
  • They are inter connected but not inter-dependent.
  • Vastushastra is applicable to a group of people, whereas astrology is totally individual oriented.
  • In a family, there are many members. If we design vastu with an individualistic approach, it would lead to justice for one and injustice to others in the same family.
  • With the change of guards in families, it is practically possible to redesign vastu with respect to the new in-charge of the family.
  • Ancient texts always recommend dealing with these two sciences separately.
  • However research scholars of astrology from the 21 st century try to promote them together, which is nothing but a “Khichadi” approach to ensure success their profession.
  • With due respect to both these science may I suggest you first set your premises of residence and work as per vastushastra which gives full and proper justice to all those staying there.
  • Then if a problem persists with any individual, refer it to astrology.
  • Wishing best of luck to all readers.

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One thought on “Don’t combine Vastushastra with Astrology

  1. rajendra chavan on said:

    these r two diff issuses

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