A Trusted name in Vastushastra


  • The growing awareness about this subject has created enormous demand for vastushastra. However, presently self-educated, non-professionals are catering to this demand. There are very few organization and institutes, which can be counted on the finger tips, professional consulting and teaching services in vastushastra.
  • The market potential for Indian vastushstra is very very high if marketed and promoted properly. Vastushastra Education Research Foundation(VERF) popularly known as “Vasturaviraj” is the premier institute of this nation, providing completely scientific and highly extensive theoretical knowledge with practical training. With hundreds of case studies, project reports, assignments and complete comprehensive knowledge about remedial measures of non-structural demolition.
  • Vastushastra Education Research Foundation is the only institute in Western India providing vastu education in English apart from traditional Marathi medium. Because of this hundreds of students from different part if country as well as globe approach VERF for quality vastu education.
  • VERF is the only institute which provides practical training of how to evaluate any vastu premises, how to explain the merits – demerits of vastu along with a proper scientific reporting system.
  • Knowledge of vastushastra right from small residential premises to large scale Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects, Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, Industries, SEZ, Infrastructure Projects everything in vastu along with perfect and in-depth knowledge for remedial measures of non-structural demolition are fully thought to develop perfect vastu consultants.
  • At present there are about 20 education centers spread all over Maharashtra through which vastu education is provided in Marathi. Vastu education in English at present is available at Dadar, Thane and Pune. VERF intends to spreads its wings of education facilities for all tier I and II cities of India along with six major destinations across the globe.

To know more about our Educational Classes, Call on – 022 – 67847600 / 01 / 08 / 25443020/ 25442030 /3200 1122


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