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Vastu for the corporate world

Entrance – East, North-East, West of North-West and South of South-west depending upon the nature of business activity.  Reception should always be in front of entrance gate and the receptionist should be facing east or north-west.  The waiting lobby should be planned in North-West or North-East depending upon the availability of space.  The temple or a prayer place and drinking water should be planned in North-East region.  Pantry or canteen activities should be planned in South East. The chief executives of the organization must have their cabin in South-West of the office premises and them facing towards North-East.  Second in command among the executives must occupy south whereas third important personality of the organization should be sitting in the western direction.  Accounts dept in North administration in East purchase, research and development in South East dispatch and marketing in north east.


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3 thoughts on “Vastu for the corporate world

  1. manjukamat on said:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in Aviation sector and we are sitting in hangar , its in First floor and we 4 of us sitting /facing west while work and we can’t change the position it has been arranged like that . Since 2 years I am here and not finding any growth . Can you suggest something that I can find some improvement . Awaiting your favourable reply.

    • I am very much happy to have this comment for the blog.
      What I would suggest is that you conduct a detailed Vastu Analysis for your home / house which is root of all the cause. If in case you are not able to do the vastu analysis, what we would recommend for you is to carry some remedial items to enhance your productivity and efficiency which will result in better career prospects

      • manjukamat on said:

        Sir, Thank you for your reply , actually speaking I have taken care of Vastu at my home , but I can’t do it at my Office , Because I am an employee , which employer worried about their employees personal growth . Whatever I have to do my own within 2 feet space which they provided alongwith PC/Desktop . I heard that Pyramid kind things can be helpful. Are you suggest this ? any specifications ?

        Kindly revert.

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