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Auspicious and Inauspicious effects of Southeast Direction

  • Location of the kitchen in the Southeast is ideal.
  • Higher level of construction in Southeast or if any shed is located therein, it is beneficial. It confers riches and progeny.
  • Elevated steps in the Southeast ensure wealth and prosperity.
  • South of South East entrance is positive.
  • Staircase located in South of Southeast is positive.
  • In case, a floor is to be constructed along South wall of Southeast direction, then the construction should             commence from Southwest and upon its completion, construction should be done in South and Southeast respectively.
  • The construction in Southeast Region should be on higher level than Northwest but lower than Southwest Region.
  • A garage in Southeast is positive.
  • Electrical Instruments, Electric Motors, Generators, and all other fire based instruments should be placed in Southeast.
  • In a Commercial establishment, the Staff Quarters should be in Southeast.
  • A slope in Southeast is considered negative and indicates fear of fire, trouble from enemies, indebtedness and is unfavorable.
  • A Well in the Southeast is very harmful. It causes loss of wealth, obstacles from enemies, theft, fear of fire and burglary.
  • Slope in the Southeast and construction thereon renders slackness and lack of initiative.
  • Open space on Southeast side is inauspicious. The progeny is likely to suffer from fear of fire.
  • A trench or water tank in the Southeast induces fear of fire. It also indicates loss of wealth and theft.
  • A pond or water storage in Southeast causes loss of wealth and induces fear of fire.
  • Outflow of waste water from the Southeast is harmful for the progeny.
  • It is harmful to have toilet in the Southeast direction as it contributes to disease and illness.
  • An entrance in the Southeast is not conducive to the health of women and children.
  • A septic tank in the Southeast enhances illness.
  • Entrance in Southeast facing East or East of Southeast is inauspicious and contributes to prolonged illness and loss of wealth.
  • A road in front of Southeast entrance causes fear of fire.
  • A verandah in Southeast direction also induces fear of fire.
  • If southwest has more slopes or is less in height than Southeast, it results in mental worries.
  • If northwest has more slopes or is lesser in height than Southeast, it is positive.
  • A roof sloping in Southeast is harmful and prone to fire hazards.
  • An Office located in Southeast is not conducive for prosperity.

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