A Trusted name in Vastushastra

Auspicious and inauspicious effects of South Direction

  • Elevation in the South direction confers beneficial results.
  • A higher wall in the South side is positive.
  • Water storage in overhead tank or at an elevation in the south is favorable and underground water storage is inauspicious.
  • An entrance in the South of South East brings favorable results.
  • Stair case in the South is auspicious.
  • Construction of a floor bordering the wall in the South side is auspicious.
  • Location of electric motor, transformer in South is negative while it is positive if located in the South East.
  • In industrial establishments it is beneficial to have parking arrangements for heavy vehicles in the South.
  • Lesser height or slope in the South direction in relation to the South West is beneficial.
  • High doors or elevated steps in the South are extremely positive.
  • Construction in the South at a lower level than the street is inauspicious.
  • During distribution of property, retention of the North side is favorable for the spiritual, mental and academic progress while it is negative in other aspects.
  • While distributing property, the portion in the South should be given to the elder brother and that in the North should be given to younger brother.
  • Slope of the house in the South direction causes fear of losses or instability.
  • Placement of garbage bin in the South can be considered as a second best alternative.
  • Toilet in the South is inauspicious.
  • A pond or well in the South direction is inauspicious. It can lead to heavy losses or instability.
  • Flow of waste-water from the South results in lot of obstacles.
  • Entrance in the South facing South East (Aagneya) can result in hazards due to fire.
  • A Verandah in the South can result in quarrels between husband and wife.
  • A slope or lesser height of the roof in the South confers inauspicious results.
  • Location of basement in the South can result in a series of troubles in the family.
  • It is very painful to have a street or T junction in the South direction.
  • It is inauspicious if the South direction is elevated than the South West.
  • A septic tank in the South is very inauspicious.
  • A dining hall in the South causes financial loss and wasteful expenditure.
  • A kitchen in the South results in obscurity.
  • It is inauspicious to construct a house in the South at a level higher than the road.
  • It is inauspicious to rent the Vastu which is in the South direction. The tenant settles down and becomes arrogant and dominating.

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